Mini Contemporary Art Kits!

We are designing smaller kits. Perfect for entrances, bedrooms, corner walls or a part of a larger gallery wall. This Kickstarter Make 100 project will help fund the cost of packaging for the Mini 4 x 6” kits. It would allow us to grow and make more kits in the future.


Mini Art Kits 4" x 6"

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"What a lovely way to spend an evening. And what a different way to spend an evening. It was great to forget everything going on in the world around us. Oh....and they look great on the mantleplace."

Greg and Patricia, CA

"I love the piece and really enjoyed the process. Bravo on such a good idea."

Catherine, CA

We got the Desert Still kit and had a great time putting it together. The packaging and attention to detail throughout is top notch. It's clearly a premium product. Once we were set up, we spent a total of about an hour and a half arranging the cutouts, plus a dinner break in the middle. I don't know if this was the intention or not, but it actually made for a great date night. The framed piece also looks fantastic in our dining area.

Anthony & Jessica, CA

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