Founder Artist, Maker, Designer

I love art, and I think surrounding yourself with colors, shapes and creativity is a wonderful way to be. As an artist I wanted to create a way for people to feel connected to the art by being a part of the process. In part to create a deeper meaning between the art and the owner but to also create an extension of my work beyond the final output. In this case, the final art piece becomes a collaboration between myself the artist and the art lover.

I hope to grow our collection in the future by adding many more talented artists to our current collection.


Cut Out & Co is a small art studio located in Orange County, California. We believe making and surrounding yourself with art is a great way to live a mindful life. We hope our pieces will inspire you and others to bring more art into your home. In our studio, we create original works of art, some of which are limited edition pieces, for you to recreate to fit your expression. We make it simple, you make it your own.

We take great pride in How We Make our art pieces. All the work is hand painted using the highest quality artist paints in our art studio. 

Colors are our day-to-day, and there is no denying the link between colors and emotions. Colors play a vital role in our lives and how we respond to our surroundings, which is why we take the time to craft the right mix of hue, value, and tone to create harmonious  colors. Each color is a custom mix made in small batches and we work closely with the artist to achieve the best color palette for each collection.

We want you to be proud of the art you have a hand in creating. Art that is not simply a print. Art where you can see and feel the paint, see the overlapping layers of paper. Art worthy of hanging in your home.

Join us on our journey @cutoutandco