At Cut out & Co we believe in living a life of kindness, creativity, and wellness and one of the most important aspects of that mindset is believing in quality over quantity. As a creative studio, we wanted to create something that was not only meaningful in the way you experience art but to also create something that was worthy of keeping for generations to come.

How we make our art is something we really care about. We only use the best artist materials for our art pieces to produce high-quality art pieces. Each kit is designed by the artists we work with and we produce and assemble the ideal colors for that particular piece of artwork by looking for subtle differences between the hues, value, and tones of each cut out.

Every cut out art is unique and all are made with artist quality materials which are acid-free, lignin-free, and high quality paper, increasing the longevity of the art piece.

All cut outs are hand-painted with high quality acrylic gouache, creating beautiful, vibrant, and lightfast cut outs. They are then mounted with acid free adhesive to maintain the integrity of the piece and allow you to create with ease.

We take time to create these art pieces, not because it’s the only way to do so, but because to us, we believe it is the best way and that you can tell the difference when something is made with love.